Duchenne UK

About Duchenne UK

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) is a devastating muscle-wasting disease. It is the most common and severe form of Muscular Dystrophy. Diagnosed in childhood, it mainly affects boys. There is currently no cure. Started by families affected by the disease, Duchenne UK has one clear aim – to end Duchenne.

We’re doing this by funding research that’s focused on getting treatments to those affected now – as well as pushing for an effective treatment in the future.

We’re the UK’s largest charity for research into Duchenne.

We connect leading researchers with industry, the NHS and patients to challenge every stage of drug development, from research to clinical trials to drug approval. We connect families with each other to create a network of mutual support and to pool our resources, knowledge and experience. We connect brilliant people and generous philanthropists to grow our impact and help them be part of something incredible – the end of Duchenne.

Together we’ve created new infrastructure to deliver clinical trials through the DMD Hub, and we fund doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and trial coordinators needed to run trials. We’ve uncovered treatments and enabled them to be delivered to patients. We’ve successfully campaigned to enable quicker access to new treatments. And through Project HERCULES, we have established an innovative way to connect leading DMD drug developers to collaborate to speed up access to treatments.

Our heart and soul, and our reason for carrying on, are our boys and men, and rare girls, living with DMD.

This collaborative approach means that we are able to focus on ending Duchenne as quickly and effectively as possible. And it means you can be part of it too. Together, we will end Duchenne.

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