Duchenne Dash: Dash Around the World FAQs

What is the Duchenne Dash?

The Duchenne Dash is Duchenne UK’s annual signature VIP cycling event. It all started 9 years ago when our patron, Krishnan Guru-Murthy along with a small team of committed enthusiasts cycled 300km from London to Paris in 24 hours – the Dash was born!

Over the past 8 years, the Dash has grown into our biggest and most challenging fundraising event of the year. Over this time, we have successfully raised more than £5 million and our events in 2017, 2018 and 2019 successfully raised more than £1 million each. Whilst the 2020 pandemic forced us to cancel the 8th Dash, undeterred, the Duchenne Dash AT HOME took its place, raising more than £500,000.

What is the Duchenne Dash: Around the World?

With Covid-19 still impacting our daily lives, we have decided to switch things up for 2021 and for one year only, embark on an epic new UK based challenge the Duchenne Dash: Around the World. Our ninth Duchenne Dash will be hosted at the iconic Goodwood Motor Circuit, nestled in the heart of the South Downs. We are challenging 300 cyclists to collectively cycle 40,000km in 12 hours, that’s the distance around the world!

For more information about the event, click here.

What is the date of the event?

The Duchenne Dash: Around the World will take place on Saturday 3rd July 2021.

What are the event timings?

Registration will open at 5am and close at 6:15am. The ride will start at 7am. The ride will conclude at 7pm, with post-ride catering and celebration taking place between 7-9pm.

Where will the event take place?

The Duchenne Dash: Around the World will take place at the iconic Goodwood Motor Circuit, located in West Sussex.

How far is the event?

This is a team event; therefore, each cyclist will contribute to the grand total of 40,000KM. As such there is no set distance for individuals to cycle, you can cycle as much or as little as you can/agree within you team.

Broadly, 300 cyclists would each have to complete 35 laps which equals 134KM per person, but we appreciate some people will complete more than this, and others less. So, it really is a team effort.

Will we stop when we reach 40,000KM?

Let’s see how we are going! Ideally the aim would be cycle for 12 hours and hopefully exceed the total distance. But if external factors (most likely terrible weather) are adversely affecting the experience the Ride Management will discuss concluding the event early.

Getting involved

The Duchenne Dash is suitable for all ages, cycling abilities and team sizes. You can cycle for as long or as little as you like over the 12 hours, managing your own time on/off the track. Focus on hitting your own personal distance target, or work together as a team to cover even more KMs. However, you do it your KMs will be added to the total distance covered to help us reach our goal of pedalling 40,000km together to end Duchenne.

Do we need to have a team name?

If you are joining as part of a team or with a group of friends, we will need you to confirm either a team name, or the name of the team/group leader/coordinator. This will enable us to know who is joining with who for planning and organisational purposes.

How can I register?

Register HERE. Registration closes on Sunday 20th June 2021 at 11pm.

What is the registration fee?

The registration fee is £175 per person (each rider in a team will need to pay the £175 registration fee). This includes the following:

  • Venue and onsite facilities
  • Technical support including medics, mechanics & ride captains
  • Food and drink throughout the event
  • Chip timing and lap recording
  • End of ride celebration
  • Rider registration goody bag
  • Exclusive Limited-Edition Dash Cycling Jersey
  • Finisher medal
  • Event photos
  • Free parking
  • Pre-event rider pack and information
  • Training and nutritional guide
  • Training rides (virtual and in-person (Covid-permitted))
  • Support from the Duchenne UK Team all the way!
When does registration close?

Registration closes on Friday 25th June 2021 at 11pm.

When do I pay my registration fee?

You will pay for your registration fee upon sign up here. You will also be required to submit an event registration form and a heath questionnaire.

Do I have to fundraise?

Yes, we ask that all participants commit to fundraising a minimum of £2,000. The total can include any Gift Aid or Match Funding you are entitled too. Duchenne UK will be able to provide fundraising support and assistance – so you won’t be doing it alone!

What happens if I can’t raise the sponsorship amount?

We ask that you make every effort to raise the suggested fundraising amount. Please contact a member of the team at dash@duchenneuk.org if you have any concerns and they will be able to provide further advice.

Will there be a fundraising video to share with my networks?

Yes, and this will be shared sometime in May.

What kit and equipment will I need?
  • A bike, which you can ride and is road worthy
  • A bike helmet (which must be worn at all times when on the track)
  • Suitable cycling clothing, plus several spare sets so you can change throughout the day
  • Wet weather kit: rain jacket, show covers, arm warmers, gilet
  • Sun cream
  • Chamois cream
  • Pump or CO2 canisters
  • Saddle pack with two inner tubes, tyre levers, patches, air canisters
  • Preferred energy gels/bars, electrolyte sachets etc
  • A small selection of your preferred food - although we will be providing meals and snacks throughout
  • Any specific medication you require (such as inhalers, hay fever tablets)
  • Change of clothes for the end, plus comfy shoes
  • Garmin/tracking device
  • Mobile phone – for taking lots of photos and updating your social media channels on your progress

It is strongly recommended that your bike is in tip-top condition for your training and of course for the Dash itself. Give it a good wash if it hasn’t had one in a while; treat it to a thorough service at Pearson to ensure that everything is running sweetly.

Longstanding Dash Sponsors, Pearson is offering special discount bike packages to all Dashers:

  • 10% discount on all clothing, parts and accessories
  • £70 reduction for a three-hour Precision Bike Fitting session (from £275 to £205). Book online at Pearson.
Can I join the ride on an E-Bike?

Yes, you are welcome to participate on an E-Bike, but we ask that individuals can cycle confidently on an E-Bike and are happy with how it works in order to ride safely.

Do I have to train in advance of the event?

As with any endurance sporting event/challenge, it is paramount that you undertake suitable training prior to the event. This is an endurance event so the more training you do the easier and more fun the ride will be.

We will share a suggested training plan after you have registered and will also run a series of virtual (via Zwift) and face to face (Covid-19 permitting) training rides. We can also put you in touch with our experienced Ride Captains, if you have any further questions or queries about your training.

NB: The organiser reserves the right to remove any cyclist who is unable to complete the event safely (for both them and others).

Do I need to have a Strava account?

Strava is a popular social media platform amongst cyclists and it is recommended that you sign up and create an account. The Duchenne Dash event page will be shared with you once you have registered. Information on training advice and training rides will be posted here, along with community-based information from other Dashers including leader boards for those out training/cycling and general advice.

Can I meet other Dashers who live in my area so we can exchange training tips and perhaps train together?

The best way to do this is via Strava. Opening a conversation/chat and see who responds.

What is Goodwood Motor Circuit like to cycle on?

Goodwood Motor Circuit is a unique and iconic venue. 3.8KM track completely encircles Goodwood aerodrome, which is a fully operational aerodrome so we can promise it won’t be a dull-ride!

The total elevation of the track is 34m. Due to its location, it is exposed and therefore could be windy.

Do not be confused with the infamous ‘hill climb’ which is located at Goodwood House – we will not be cycling this during our event.

What support will be provided?

The Dash is a fully supported ride. We will provide (included within your registration fee) the following support to enable you to spend as much time on the track as possible:

  • A team of mechnics to ensure your bike is in top-top working order. This support extends to helping you fix punctures and any other mechanicals you might have throughout the ride
  • Medics to ensure you are fit and well throughout the ride
  • Physios to help manage any niggles you might pick up throughout the ride
Will there set speed groups, or can we cycle at any speed?

Both! To ensure the ride is well-paced, safe and enjoyable, we will run four paced groups each cycling at differing speeds for slightly varying abilities. This will enable cyclists to cycle at a pre-determined speed, enabling you to train to set speed and also pace yourself effectively to get the most out of the ride. These groups will be managed by our wonderful, very experienced Ride Captains.

It will not be compulsory to cycle in these groups, but there are huge benefits to cycling in a peloton, including the obvious advantages of slip-steaming and drafting. Riding in the middle of a well-developed group can allow for a significant reduction in drag (10-15%) which will allow cyclists to conserve energy and spend more time on the track.

The speeds for each of the four groups will be as follows:

  • Strong and steady riders: average 17mph/27kph
  • Confident riders: average 16mph/25kph
  • Determined riders: average 15mph/23kph
  • Tenacious riders: average 14mph/22kph

But, should you wish to cycle as part of your own group or on your own, this is also fine. Safety is our priority, so our Ride Captains will be monitoring individuals/groups to make sure everyone is riding safely and having an enjoyable time!

How should cyclists manage their time on/off the track?

This is totally up to you. There is no limit for time spent on or off the track, so you can manage your breaks in the best way to suit you. There will be food, drinks and snacks available throughout the day.

Is there an age limit to take part?

Participants need to be 18 years old or over on event day.

Is transport included?

No, participants will be required to make their own arrangements to get themselves and their equipment to and from the Goodwood Motor Circuit. Directions to Goodwood Motor Circuit.

Is there car parking at the Goodwood?

Yes, car parking will be available at the venue.

What if I become injured or need to cancel my place?

Should you need to withdraw from the event due to injury or other personal reasons, the registration fee is non-refundable. However, we ask that you contact the team at dash@duchenneuk.org as soon as your plans change so we can discuss this further.

What if Covid-19 forces the event to be cancelled, will I get my registration fee back?

If the event is cancelled directly due to Covid-19 and Government (including local council) guidelines prohibit public events from taking place then DUK will reimburse registration fees. However, should you contract or have to self-isolate due to Covid-19 there shall be no obligation by DUK to refund registration fees.

What if Covid-19 forces the event to be cancelled, can I get any submitted fundraising money back?

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to refund any fundraising money which has been submitted/paid to DUK.

When will I receive my official rider briefing pack?

The final instructions be emailed to you about three weeks before the event day. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact emily.waring@duchenneuk.org.

When will I receive my race number and timing chip?

On the event day, you will receive a rider pack which will contain these items, along with an exclusive and stylish Dash cycling jersey. This will be provided, along with any final event information when you register.

Will my kit be safe/secure?

Each team will be allocated a paddock garage and it will be here you can keep your kit and belongings. The organisers will have security at the venue, but any personal property and kit does remain your responsibility and so it is advised that you only bring necessary kit and try not to bring anything of too much value.

Will participants need to bring gazebos / tents to create a covered base?

No, we will be taking over a couple of the aircraft hangers at Goodwood, which will provide ample cover, somewhere to sit and a place to refuel.

Additionally, everyone will be assigned an undercover spot in the Paddocks, this is where you’ll be able to prepare your bike and kit before you ride and keep your kit whilst you are on the track.

Will there be food and drink?

Yes, the organisers will provide food and drinks throughout the 12-hour event. Please ensure you notify the organiser of any specific dietary requirements.
If you have any specific/preferred food you enjoy/need whilst cycling including energy gels/bars, electrolyte sachets etc… it is recommended you bring these with you.

Will there be showers?

No, there are no showers at the venue.

Will there be somewhere to change?

Yes, there are changing facilities.

Is overnight accommodation provided?

No, overnight accommodation is not provided. Should you wish to stay near the venue overnight before or after the event, you will need to make these arrangements personally at your own cost.

We have prepared a handy list of hotels and campsites in the area should you wish to arrange accommodation, available here.

Will I get a finishers medal?

Yes, a finishers medal will be provided at the end of the ride for all cyclists who have participated.

Can my family come and watch?

Goodwood Motor Circuit is an open venue and therefore members of public are able to come at watch events taking place at designated spectator points. Family and friends will not have access to the cyclist event areas. There is a café at the motor circuit which will be open for visitors (9am-5pm) on the event day.

Can family attend the post-ride celebration?

Unfortunately, we are unable to extend the invitation for guests to join us for the end of event celebration.

Are pets allowed?

No, pets are not permitted at this event.

Who is Duchenne UK?

Duchenne UK has one clear aim – to END DUCHENNE.

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) is a devastating muscle-wasting disease that mainly affects boys. It is the most common and severe form of Muscular Dystrophy. Diagnosed in childhood, it mainly affects boys. There is currently no cure.

We are funding research that’s focused on getting treatments to those affected now. We are connecting leading researchers with the pharmaceutical industry, the NHS and patients to accelerate every stage of drug development, from research to clinical trials to drug approval. By working together, we can focus on ending Duchenne as quickly and effectively as possible. You can be part of it too by joining us for the Dash 2021. Together, we will end Duchenne.

For more information about Duchenne UK, our mission and our impact, please visit our website.

What is Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy?

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) is a genetic disease that causes muscle weakness and wasting. Children born with DMD have a fault, known as a mutation, on their dystrophin gene. Genes are smaller sections of your bodies DNA. They are the instructions that make our bodies work. For people with DMD, the fault on the gene means that they cannot produce dystrophin, which is a protein that protects muscles. Without dystrophin, muscles get damaged more easily and so muscle strength and function is weakened. DMD almost always affect boys, and is usually disganosed in childhood. There are around 2,500 patients in the UK and an estimated 300,000 worldwide. It is classified as a rare disease.

For more information about DMD and Duchenne UK please visit our website.